Asphalt Paver Machine
Model UHD-45

The Asphalt Paver Finisher with hydraulically extendible screed, Hydrostatic drive for traction, and hydraulic drive for conveyor makes paving operation easy and also reduces overall maintenance cost. This is a dual-application machine, handling asphalt, wet mix, GSB, DLC as well as DBM material also. The Asphalt Paver Machine is designed primarily for use in State highway, cities streets, and Parking Road applications

  • Engine Power: 76hp
  • Paving Width: 2.5m to 4.5m
  • Weight: 9,700 Kg
  • Wheels on rear axle: Two wheel

Power Unit

Engine Kirloskar make water-cooled electric start diesel engine, Model 4R 1040T, 76 hp (57 kW) @ 2300 rpm or equivalent
Electrical System 12 V DC
Emission Standard BS-III
Speed Reduction Gearbox Two speed reduction gearbox to achieve low speed for paving and high speed for traveling


Laying suitability Option 1: Bituminous material

Option 2: Bituminous, Wet mix, GSB, DLC,DBM material

Laying Capacity 125 TPH
Laying Thickness 200 mm (Max) to 10 mm (Min)
8″  (Max) to 3/8 ″ (Min)
Transmission Hydrostatic drive with Mechanical Actuator
Working Speed 0 to 24 m/min (Max.)
Travelling Speed 0 to 16 km/hr (Max)
Weight 9,700 kg (21,410 lb) approx.
Slope & Grade Control MOBA, Germany make electronic sensor

(Auto & Manual mode available)

Maintenance Shutters On two side of machine
Traction & Conveyor Pump – Motor Sauer Danfoss, Germany or equivalent


Screed width 2.5 m (8′ 2 1⁄2″) basic width, Hydraulically extendable up to 4.5 m (14′ 9 1/8 ″)
Crown (Manual) -1° / +4°
Screed Heating Yes, with 8 LPG burner facility
Screed Vibration Yes (Fix Speed)

Under Carriage

Rear Wheel Two no. Pneumatic Tyre
Size: 12.00 x 20
Front Wheel Two no. Solid Rubber Tyre
550 Dia. x 175 mm wide

Refill Capacities

Fuel 76 L (16.8 gal)
Hydraulic Oil 195 L (43 gal)
Cooling System 6.5 L (1.4 gal)
Engine Oil 11 L (2.4 gal)

Operator Station

Control Panel Type Sliding
Operator Seat Double Operator Seat
Travelling Function Left & Right side
Operating Function Left & Right side
Steering Hydraulic
Brake Caliper disc brake on both the sides

Conveyor & Auger System

Conveyor & Auger 2 Sets, one on each side
Conveyor Drive Hydraulic
Conveyor Control ON / OFF switch function
Auger Screw Size Dia 250 mm (10″)
Auger Material Ni-Hard / High Chromium Steel Material

Hopper & Feeding System

Hopper Operation Hydraulic
Hopper Capacity 4.25 m3  (151 ft3)
Hopper Width Working: 3.22 m (10′ 6 ¾”)

Closed: 2.44 m (8′)

Feed Tunnel Width 1.276 m (4′ 2¼” )


Operating Height 3.56 m (11′ 8⅛”)
Shipping Height (canopy tilted) 2.70 m (8′ 10 5⁄16″)
(w/o canopy & exhaust) 2.68 m (8′ 9½”)
Shipping Width 2.69 m (8′ 10″)
Length (Tractor unit + screed) 5.53 m (18′ 1¾”)
Wheel Base 2.62 m (8′ 7¼”)
Dump Height 0.70 m (2′ 3½”)
Thrust Roller Height 0.57 m (1′ 10½”)


Canvas Canopy; Working & Traveling Lights; Tool Kit with Jack; Horn


All operating levers including panel switch board are handy and within easy reach; All gears and shafts of gear box are made from alloy steel and are hardened and ground for efficient working; Screed is vibrated with hydraulic motor to compact laid layer; All jacks are having same kind of seal kit (Piston seal and rod seal of PU material).

PRIME MOVER 1. Kirloskar make water-cooled electric start Diesel Engine Model 4R1040T (76 hp @ 2200 rpm) or equivalent

2. Engine has sufficient space on all the sides for air draft and cooling of engine.

3. Engine is easily accessible for daily maintenance like checking engine oil, coolant water level, engine suction filter etc.

4. Engine starter, alternator can be easily removed for periodic maintenance.

5. Gauges like engine temperature, oil pressure and ampere meter are on sliding panel and are easily visible from operator’s seat.

POWER DISTRIBUTION GEAR BOX 1. It is coupled with the engine for coupling Two pump sets.

2. The gearbox is in oil bath; all the gears are of proper alloy steel material and hardened for greater life.

3. Bearings used in gearbox are of reputed make for greater life.

4. Gearbox is provided with oil level indicator, air breather, oil drain plug for better operation and maintenance.

5. Special care has been taken for long trouble free life of Gearbox.

HYDRAULICS 1. All hydraulic pumps, motors and hose pipes are of reputed make.

2. Utmost care has been taken in selection of joints so as to minimize chances of hydraulic oil leakage.

3. All ‘0’ rings, grooves are of proper match so that it gives greater life of ‘0’ ring.

1. Two speed reduction gearbox to achieve low speed for paving and high speed for traveling.

2. All the gearbox are in oil bath and are of proper alloy steel material hardened to get greater life.

3. Gearbox is provided with oil level indicator and oil drain plug for better operation and maintenance.

1. In manual mode, thickness can be controlled by switches provided on screed
BRAKES 1. Brakes can be operated by pushing pedals provided near both the operator’s seat.

2. The safety brakes are acting on the speed shaft, which are coupled to the drive wheels.

FRONT WHEEL 1. Two solid rubber tyre of size 550 mm x 175 mm is mounted directly on chassis one on left and one on right side.

2. Hydraulic steering is fitted for effortless operation.

CONTROL PANEL 1. Sliding type operator panel with traveling functions on left and right side.

2. Operating functions on left and right side.

3. Double operator seat

4. Machine is controlled by means of simple switches on operator panel

5. Hydraulic steering is fitted for effortless operation.

REAR BOGIE 1. Two Nos. tyre size 12.00 x 20, one on either side is mounted directly on chassis.
HOPPER 1. Movement of the two hoppers is obtained by means of hydraulic cylinder operated independently by simple switches of control panel.

2. Hopper Capacity: 4.25 CM

CONVEYOR SYSTEM 1. Two pallet conveyors with hardened steel chain provide the material to two sets of augers which spreads material on both sides.

2. Hydraulic drive for conveyor and auger

3. Each of the pallet conveyors can be controlled independently from the operator’s seat.

WORM ASSEMBLY 1. Worm spreads material in front of screed in total width of pavement.

2. Hydraulic drive for conveyor and auger

3. Properly sealed bearings are used for greater life as they are always covered with the laying material while paving.

4. Special arrangement for greasing is provided as greasing is required daily for greater life of bearing.

5. Worm is of Ni-Hard / Hi Chromium steel material, properly heat treated for greater service life.

6. Proper covers for chain are provided for greater service life of chain.

SCREED 1. Basic screed width of 2.5 meter, hydraulically extendable up to 4.5 meter.

2. Main screed is pivoted at the center point of the machine to assure a constant flatness or work on uneven grounds.

3. Lateral mobile plates are hydraulically operated, sliding on chromium plated telescopic cylindrical guides for wear resistance to archive paving width up to extendable limit.

4. Screed heating by 8 LPG burners two on each mobile plate and four nos. on main screed plate.

5. Vibration is provided on screed with fixed frequency.

1. Shutters are provided on two side of machine which can easily be opened for easy inspection and maintenance of the machine.

2. Special care has been taken to keep maintenance parts on left side of machine so that maintenance on road can be safe.

3. Filters are kept on outer side of machine for maintenance.

4. Maximum use of MS pipe is done as MS pipes occupy less space; they can be easily clamped and reduces chances of leakage.

THRUST ROLLER 1. Two thrust rollers are fixed on heavy oscillating beam provided on front part of the machine.

Hydrostatic Paver Machine Model UHD-45

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