We at UNITER ENGINEERING PRODUCTS are committed to manufacture good quality asphalt paver machines using the modern resources available and supplying at a very cost effective rate.

We abide ourselves to meet and exceed customer expectations on quality products and services at all times. Our goal is to achieve a high level of satisfaction and delight in all our dealings from each and every customer.

We firmly believe on concept of continuous learning and improvement. At every step, from design, development, production and testing, we never miss an opportunity to improve quality. Anything and everything we learn goes into making our next generation products all it can be.

We inspire from our customers, who are our vital resource for developing new features and improve overall quality of our products and services. We gather best information from them through feedbacks, service calls, sales meetings and so much more experience sharing tools. And this never stops.

We are responsible to operate continuously to this standard and maintain it consistently.


We at UNITER ENGINEERING PRODUCTS manage process strictly but fairly to secure customer’s best interest. Building and strengthening customer relationships is core of UNITER ENGINEERING PRODUCTS. We are committed to these essentials for which UNITER is always known for.

We take pride to serve you even if deal was not closed. With our decades old expertise and experience, we shall be happy to give you good consultation for your road construction projects. We understand the requirements of the customers and blend them with our knowledge for optimal and consistent output.

We offer equal importance to our customers and treat them equally without any prejudices and shall use all available resources to assist you at all times.

We assure you in building a long life customer relationship. To our belief, “it is loss to lose a business, but it is worst to lose a genuine customer”. We do not want to lose a customer as it’s a valuable asset for us.

We persuade every effort to ensure that you make a successful deal with us and try to give you a delightful experience. You are welcomed and encouraged to do business with us.